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RDE's Partnership

What's it like to work at RDE? Over 80% of our staff are NJIT alumni, including our CEO, who is an Honors alumnus. RDE is committed to a student-friendly, and enriching real-world work experience.

Career opportunities

  • We offer summer internships and full time positions.
  • We have worked with many students gaining experience through internships.
  • Take up the Coding Challenge we designed for students who love to code.
  • Frequent on-campus recruiting through NJIT OCI program.

Community Service

RDE Systems' staff volunteers in hands-on community HIV programs, and our support team — and even our developers — work directly with front-line staff so that we are always in touch with what really makes a difference. Receiving such great appreciation from our clients and being part of making a real difference is more rewarding to us than traditional business metrics. Our unique philosophy combined with our highly acclaimed products and track record, make us proud to be so uncommon.

Our applications are used to help treat racial and ethnic minorities at risk of HIV and family support programs.

We can help you fulfill NJIT Honors College community service requirements. Projects include:

  • Community Health
  • School-based programs
  • Family planning programs
  • HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention
  • Homeless programs

Benefits for Students

  • We have a student-friendly work environment, with flexible hours in case you want to take evening classes or work during the semester.
  • We have a tuition reimbursement program.
  • We welcome international students.
  • Our personal mentorship program is designed to bring new employees up to speed, getting them working on exciting projects immediately, while learning new tools and skills on the fly.
  • Gain excellent real-world experience and build valuable skill-sets.
  • Advanced application of new technologies.
  • High standards of excellence.
  • Employees are encouraged to take external courses and certifications.
  • Research and publication opportunities.

    "Working at RDE while a student and then coming on board full-time was an excellent choice since my time at RDE while being a student helped me find my passion. I also appreciated the academic and research components - RDE got my R&D work published in a prestigious medical journal of informatics!"
    - Albert Dorman Honors College Student and Graduate
  • RDE has a special working relationship with the Albert Dorman Honor's College, engaged in special projects such as the Coding Challenge.
  • Located in the beautiful town of Little Falls, RDE's office is only a short drive away from Newark.


We've been CCS Capstone sponsors for nearly eight years. Most of our senior developers joined RDE through the Capstone program.

Innovation Center

  • Our entire team is constantly involved in research and development of new ideas and technologies.
  • Personal improvement projects
  • Creative freedom
  • Everyone has the opportunity to innovate and develop something new.
  • Fedex Days are periodic events where everyone in the team picks a one-day project that is fun, innovative, and cool.

Leaders in Health Information Technology

RDE Systems, maker of eCOMPAS®, has been serving public health for over twenty-five years. We are proud that RDE has grown only by referrals, and not through marketing and sales.

Our business philosophy is simple, yet refreshingly uncommon in the industry: "If you do good things for good people, good things happen."

We are leaders in over a dozen federal Special Projects of National Significance, which advance the state of the art in healthcare and resulted in significant positive impacts to health outcomes and published in international medical journals.

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