RDE’s NJIT Partnership

RDE is committed to a student-friendly, enriching work experience. Over 80% of our staff are NJIT alumni, including our CEO, an Honors alumnus.

Career opportunities

  • Summer internships and full-time positions
  • Take up the Coding Challenge we designed for students who love to code
  • Frequent on-campus recruiting through NJIT’s OCI program

Community Service

RDE Systems’ team members work directly with our clients’ front-line staff, so we are in touch with what makes a difference. Our software applications are used to support programs providing care and services to HIV patients, and persons at risk of HIV. Our applications include web-based systems, mobile applications, geocoding technology, and other challenging technologies,

We can help you fulfill NJIT Honors College community service requirements.

Projects include:

  • Community Health
  • School-based programs
  • Family planning programs
  • HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention
  • Homeless programs

Benefits for students

  • Flexible hours so you can take evening classes or work during the semester
  • Personal mentorship brings new employees up to speed, to immediately start working on exciting projects
  • Gain excellent practical experience and build valuable skills
  • Advanced application of new technologies
  • Research and publication opportunities
  • Tuition reimbursement and encouragement to take external courses and certifications
  • International students welcome
  • RDE has a special working relationship with the Albert Dorman Honor’s College, engaged in special projects such as the Coding Challenge
  • Located in the beautiful town of Little Falls, RDE’s office is only a short drive away from Newark

“Working at RDE as a student and then coming on board full-time was an excellent choice since my time at RDE as a student helped me find my passion. I also appreciated the academic and research components – RDE got my R&D work published in a prestigious medical journal of informatics!”
– Albert Dorman Honors College Student and Graduate


We’ve been CCS Capstone sponsors for nearly a decade, and most of our senior developers joined RDE through the Capstone program.