Free and Innovative Resources to End the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Data and technology can have a profound impact in health outcomes and social determinants. Use these free RDE Red resources to engage, connect, and empower your communities.

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e2Polls Red

Engage, evaluate, and delight your QM, medical, and community stakeholders in real-time. learn more

e2Data Heroes

On demand analytics, queries, grant assistance - let's join forces to end the epidemic! learn more

e2 Online Resource Guide

Improve local linkage to care and services with our mobile map. learn more

Reduce time, effort, and stress with our HUD-compliant rent calculator learn more


RDE has long served the HIV/AIDS community and has chosen to support those who prevent, care for, treat, serve, and house people living with HIV/AIDS through charitable giving whether in-kind, discounts, voluntarism, community service, financial support, and free resources. As global citizens, we believe in supporting valuable and noble causes that help lift up humanity as we are able to through the patronage of long-term partners who benefit from our work and who believe in our vision and approach of using data and technology to make significant, lasting positive impact on the world.


RDE Systems, makers of eCOMPAS and e2, has been serving public health for over 30 years. We are proud that RDE has grown only by referrals and word of mouth. Our business philosophy is simple, yet refreshingly uncommon in the industry: "If you do good things for good people, good things happen." We are focused on innovation and the long-term interests of our clients, and our no-commission policy allows our interactions to be pressure-free. Let's be awesome and make a difference in the world!

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